Coconut Palm Nectar / Coconut Nectar

  • Appearance :
    Liquid / Syrup Texture
    Packing Size :
    20kg/ Drum (Industrial Packing with HDPE Food Grade Drum)
    Quantity :
    800 Drums / 1 x 20’FCL
    House Brand :
    Application :
    Coconut Palm Nectar is a form of our coconut palm sugar that is applicable as how sweeteners are regularly used and has the benefit of a low glycemic index. It can be found in Horeca products as a sweet sauce, ideal for ice cream, filling and decoration such as teriyaki sauce, sweet soy sauce (kicap manis), and cream flavour in confectionary products.

    **Use as 1:1 ratio as replacement for high fructose sweeteners/cane sugar.
    **Low GI sugar, a new trend of Sweetener Replacement for Low Sugar Products in Malaysia

    HS Code :
    Product Origin :
    Borneo. Sarawak