Coconut Palm Nectar / Coconut Nectar

  • Appearance :
    Liquid / Syrup Texture
    Packing Size :
    428gm Glass Bottle/ 15 Bottles Per Carton
    Quantity :
    2500 Cartons / 1 x 20’FCL
    House Brand :
    Application :
    Coconut palm nectars are commonly used as sweetener for various Malaysian desserts such as Cendol and Ice Kacang. Coconut nectar is also the perfect sweet sauce for baking, leveling, filling, icing and decorating a cake.

    **Use as 1: 1 ratio as replacement for high fructose sweeteners /cane sugar.
    **Low GI , new trend of Sweetener Replacement for Low Sugar Products

    HS Code :
    Product Origin :
    Borneo. Sarawak