Coconut Palm Sugar Block

  • Appearance :
    Flat Block Shape & Solid Texture
    Packing Size :
    10kg Per Carton (Industrial Packing)
    Quantity :
    2500 Cartons / 1 x 20’FCL
    House Brand :
    Application :
    Both our palm sugar block and coconut sugar clock act as natural sweeteners. It has to be pounded, processed into powder form, or melted with little water in a saucepan that would create a syrup-like liquid. Coconut or palm sugar blocks are lighter in taste unlike normal sugar and can be found in Horeca products as a sweet sauce, ideal for ice cream, filling and decoration such as teriyaki sauce, sweet soy sauce (kicap manis), and cream flavour in confectionary products.
    HS Code :
    Product Origin :
    Borneo. Sarawak