About Us


We are in the Land of Hornbill, Borneo.
Established in year 1988. Pioneered in Palm Sugar as well as Coconut Sugar industry.
We had change from home-based business to industrial size operation.
Kit Hin had accredited with Food Safety ( MesTI, Halal, GMP, HACCP) and moving towards to FSSC 22000.
In year 2019, Kit Hin had appointed as an Anchor company for Coconut Palm Sugar industry in Sarawak by Honorable YB Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah Embas from Ministry of Modernization of Agriculture, Native Land and Regional Development (MANRED), We strive to:
i. Support the local community by providing technical support and Procurement of Coconut Nipah Palm collected with assurance of 100% Buy Back Guarantee from local farmers.
ii. Provide an Intelligent solution for Nipa Forest Ecosystem.
iii. Fully Integrated Supply Chain – Practising from Tree to Table concept


We Cultivate Fair Trade culture to ensure that all stakeholders to the production of coconut palm sugar get the best possible fair price for trading, while ensuring sustainability in the process.
This value is best understood by looking at the coconut palm sugar production process where there are farmers who first painstakingly climb atop coconut trees to tap the nectar from their flowers. This nectar is then collected together and boiled to remove moisture; the concentrated residual is what eventually goes on to form the coconut palm sugar that you have come to love.


We source local ingredients from farmers we know and partners we trusted, supporting our communities and creating experiences where passion & purpose come together.
We strive to grow our business with the same honesty and integrity we use to craft our products with sustainability and great taste.


Chemical free, pesticide free, artificial free, preservative free and no nastiest added. That's our promise we make for our healthy coconut sugar and sweetener products.
As the leading manufacturer and supplier of coconut or coco sugar in Malaysia, we practice strict hygiene at all times, from the harvesting of coconut Sap/Neera to the finished product – every step is equally important in producing first-rate coconut sugar.
An Internal Control System is also implemented to check and maintain the product quality and processing guidelines conducted by the farmers. From harvesting the coconut sap/neera and sugar boilers processing the sap/neera till the finished product as Coconut Sugar, we ensure every badge is always of superior quality as promised.